Fresh OpportunitiesThese are now exciting times for me as I use my experience and expertise to help other like-minded entrepreneurs achieve their own goals in business.

About Andy Wood
As a dynamic business consultant, mentoring is one of the attractions that lead me to setting up ARWood Consultancy following the successful sale of my last business. It has already provided me with fresh opportunities and challenges. I have been putting my expertise to good use by visiting SME's across the UK where I can use my leadership and management skills.

Don't ever forget your roots

I like to describe myself on my CV as a multi-skilled leader who is capable of maximising on a market sector in order to drive a business forward to reach its full potential.

I went to a fairly regular Comprehensive in St Neots Cambridgeshire and come from a working class family who are very loving and supportive. My mum and dad always pushed me through school and to go on to University. From recollection they borrowed money to even help me through so I will always be indebted to them. After getting a clutch of A levels at School I studied Chemistry and Business Studies at UEA in Norwich and left there with the sole intention of landing myself a dream marketing job.

After hundreds of job applications I finally landed my dream job a few years later. In the mean time I worked for McDonalds! Endured a year, which taught me a whole lot about people and perceptions! Soon went on to work in insurance – not quite what I wanted to do when I left school. Seriously, I had no dreams of talking to my career advisor saying how lovely it would be to work on the telephone and wear a cheap grey suit and be stuck there all day every day.

Time to go it alone

After a short period of this, working for a small insurance brokerage, and at the age of 23 I decided that I could do this for myself rather than someone else.

I mean, how hard could it be to set up and run a company? Mistakes after mistakes were made, always twisting and turning to get it right. But from 1998 to 2010 I learned a wealth of business skills from successes and failures by myself and others to be able to safely say I am fairly experienced in seeing businesses turn round for major successes but also turn to failure!

For Sureterm alone:

  • I created and launched the company within six weeks including business plan, budgets and profit and loss reports
  • At the 3rd month of trading, the company broke even
  • I increased staffing levels from 4 members of staff in year one to over 140 when sold to Capita in April 2010; remained for 6 months on hand over
  • Developed all systems from scratch to grow company profitably throughout the years until sale of business
  • The company was sold for £8m from an initial investment of £30,000
  • From offering a single insurance product, the company had grown to offering over 40 specialist insurance and financial products
  • From beating budget in the first year by 30%, I grew the company into a £22 million turnover business
  • Created Sureterm Training Academy School specifically designed to improve the success rates of new recruits.

Life work balance

Only recently I have learned the work life balance! Spending quality time with friends and family is dear to me and I regret the amount of hours and selfless acts I did for the good of the company against my personal needs. Something I will remind you of often.

Away from the office I collect classic cars and enjoy historic racing. I enjoy keeping fit – so I may ask you to come for a run or just sit down with a pint to take you away to think for a minute of how we can make your business run better for you.

If you are based in one of the regions listed below, I can provide you with the help and assistance you may be looking for:


A detail orientated highly focused and inspirational leader. Results driven with a consistent and energetic style."

Howard Collinge
Operations & Development Director, Sureterm Direct

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